Our compounding pharmacy services

At i Pharmacy compounding pharmacy in Livonia  Michigan we work with your physician to solve medication problems. We are also a veterinary compounding pharmacy and  a pediatric compounding pharmacy among the various compounds that we offer from HRT, dermatological pain creams to suppositories

Our pharmacy is  equipped with electronic balances that accurately weigh chemicals in minute increments.
Our ointment mills and homogenizers reduce particle size, resulting in smoother suspensions and transdermals.
Our autoclaves, clean rooms ensure we are USP 800 compliant

iPharmacy Can:

  • Customize strengths as  pure LDN compound for low dose Naltrexone capsules filler free no preservatives or additives vegetable origin kosher certified non gmo preservative free gluten free halal certified BSE Free
  • Combine multiple medications into one dosage form
  • Prepare special formulations for pain medicines creams BLT cream Formula  4 5 6 cream ( gabapentin diclofenac lidocaine baclofen ketoprofen) using TOPI-CLIK dispensers
  • Compound drugs no longer commercially available or back order medicines like children tamiflu liquid nadolol ursodiol rifampin suspension captopril suspension buspirone liquid cefuroxime pediatric antibiotic suspensions, antiviral valacyclovir suspensions
  • Make liquid dosage forms of solid medications as nadolol clonidine metronidazole furosemide spironolactone suspension
  • Custom Flavored medicines with a bad or bitter taste for any liquid medication  pediatric compounding suspensions for children like grape and bubblegum
  • Custom compounded pet and animal veterinary medicine like gabapentin mirtazipine tramadol suspension with chicken and beef flavors.Other common compounds are fluoxetine amitriptyline potassium bromide phenobarbital diazepam suppository enalapril urosdiol itraconazole methimazole piroxicam diltiazem atenolol theophylline buprenorphine suspension naloxone liquid and much more.We also compound formulations for small and large animal formulations like cisapride , chlrombucil, cyclosporine, levetiracetam, pimobendan, carprofen, diethylstillbestrol, ponazuril, trilostane, tylosin,,ursodiol, enrofloxacin, idoxuridine, lomustine, pyrimethamine,aminocaproic acid and much more

Our pharmacy can customize dosages and strengths of medications, add flavoring to medications to make them more palatable, create alternate dosage forms and compound discontinued or hard to find medications.

  • Compound special creams such as such as pain creams ,hemmoroidal ointments, Hormone replacement therapy HRT creams , lorazepam gel , anxiety gel as ABH and ABHR cream with diphenhydramine, lorazepam, haloperidol creams for assisted living facilities and nursing homes.
  • Bio-identical HRT hormones: Estrogen Testosterone Progesterone Estriol Estradiol compounds, boric acid EDTA hyaluronic acid vaginal suppositories testosterone troches. Bio-identical hormones include estrone, estradiol, estriol, and progesterone

    Estrone-E1 (10-20% of Circulating Estrogens) is the primary estrogen produced after menopause.
    Estradiol-E2 (10-30% of Circulating Estrogens) is the most potent and major secretory product of the ovary, and the predominant estrogen produced before menopause.
    Estriol-E3 (60-80% of Circulating Estrogens) causes little or no buildup of the endometrium, and is very effective in alleviating vaginal and urinary symptoms in postmenopausal women.  Estriol has been shown to be clinically effective for the treatment of menopausal symptoms as well as  postmenopausal problems including vaginal atrophy, dryness, vaginal infections painful intercourse, and various conditions of the urinary tract.
    Progesterone: Commonly prescribed for Peri-Menopausal women to counteract “estrogen dominance” which occurs when a woman produces smaller amounts of progesterone than normal relative to estrogen levels.
  • Newman nipple cream
  • Magic mouthwash : Cools solution Nystatin, Maalox, Lidocaine, Dexamethasone, Benadryl mouthwash suspensions
  • Gentamycin irrigation solution , Amikacin irrigation solution in sodium chloride
  • Scar cream : Betamethasone , lipoid acid , aloe vera
  • Veterinary compounding for dogs and cats ex: Methimazole transdermal gel or suspension, Buprenorphine meloxicam Gabapentin  tramadol theophylline terbutaline piroxicam liquid suspensions ,theophylline capsules, tussigon, enalapril amlodipine creams
  • Feeding tube preparations like Omeprazole suspension, Lansoprazole Prevacid suspension Ranitidine Suspension Straterra (Atomoxetine) Suspension Famotidine Sodium bicarbonate liquid creatinine levo carnitine suspensions
  • Hemmoroidal preparations like nifedipine ointment with vaseline or lidocaine, diltiazem cream with hydrocortisone
  • Dry Burning mouth Mucositis and Pain relief Formulations as Magic Mouthwash with Lidocaine Nystatin dexamethasone ketamine tetracaine gabapentin glycerin benzocaine diphenhydramine misoprostol and much more
  • Wart removal creams based on 40% or 60% salicylic acid
  • Urea skin hydration creams mixed with aquaphor and hydrocortisone
  • Ketamine nasal spray and ketamine troches
  • Diaper rash compounds: Cholestyramine ointment, Magic Butt paste, Buttocks ointment, Happy Hiney
  • Topical Anesthetics: BLT cream or gel, Lidocaine/Tetracaine preparations, bupivacaine numbing spray
  • Anti seizure diazepam rectal suppositories and diazepam vaginal suppositories
  • Sucralfate enema 
  • Hyperpigmentation: Pigmentation cream based on hydroquinone
  • Melasma creams
  • Hirsutism cream or spray with finasteride cream or solution
  • Wrinkles and other aged skin creams, Hydroquinone Kojic Acid Ascorbic Acid Cream Compounded
  • Scar creams : Painful scar cream formulas and keloids
  • Rosacea creams and other commonly anti acnee preparations as prescribed by your dermatologist based on doxycycline and metronidazole
  • Diazepam Suppositories , Sildenafil suppositories , Baclofen  Progesterone suppositories for bladder spasms
  • Finasteride scalp solution and metformin scalp solutions
  • Vancomycin  Tacrolimus atropine Voriconazole eye drops
  • Travel prophylaxis such as mefloquine suspensions
  • Nasal sprays formulations like ketamine nasal spray or vancomycin nasal spray
  • Anti malarial and thyfoid like mefloquin
  • Budesonide Flurry suspensions
  • Clorpactin irrigation solution
  • Gentamycin Bladder irrigation: Not all pharmacies will fill prescriptions for Gentamicin for bladder irrigations because it must be specially made.We are happy to help and provide this compound for bladder irrigation. Gentamicin is an antibiotic medicine that is used to treat or prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). It can be given directly into the bladder through a catheter. This is called bladder irrigation. It is used to treat UTIs that are difficult to treat with antibiotics taken by mouth.
  • Some Common Sports Compounds

    Ketoprofen 10%, 15% or 20% in Pluronic lecithin organogel (PLO) to treat sprains, strains and inflammation. A pea-sized amount of the PLO gel is rubbed with a moist fingertip into the skin three to four times daily. An aqueous solution of that drug can also be administered by iontophoresis, or the medication can be prepared as an ultrasound gel for use in phonophoresis.

    Dexamethasone 0.4% in an aqueous solution for iontophoresis to treat sprains, strains and inflammation.  That concentration of dexamethasone can also be prepared in PL for application immediately after a sports-related injury to minimize inflammation. 

    A combination of baclofen 5%, lidocaine 10% and guaifenesin 10% or 20% in PLO to prevent muscle cramps.

    Lidocaine 4%, epinephrine (adrenalin) 0.05% and tetracaine
    0.5% (LAT) in a spray or hydroxyethylcellulose gel to treat
    cuts and abrasions.  This preparation is applied immediately
    after injury.

    Muscle relaxants such as guaifenesin (usually 10% or 20%) in PLO or cyclobenzaprine 0.5%, 1% or 2% in PLO.  The mechanism of action of those drugs determines which is selected to treat muscle strain. Cyclobenzaprine in PLO is administered topically or by ultrasound, and guaifenesin in PLO is applied topically three to four times daily until relief is noted

Our specialty trained pharmacist can modify medication dosages or customize the way medication is taken. Please contact us today  at 7347435055 to learn more about any of the compounding services or products we offer and to see if we can meet your current needs. You can also fill this form today to get a custom quote for your compounding needs or upload your compounding prescription order so we can prepare ahead and save you time when you visit the pharmacy

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